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The subject of trading is riddled with misconceptions, prejudices, and clichés. What is not said about us, traders? Actually, active investment is superfluous, because the banker next door does a much better job than we could ever do.

Moreover, there are enough financial products that should satisfy our need for returns. So why should we still do it ourselves – is the question asked by many.

Of course, it is said that we traders take too much risk in our investments. Reason enough, therefore, to keep our hands off the action and let the "professionals" do it instead. That is the general tenor.

And besides: only real economic experts can really trade successfully! You have to have studied at least for that, don't you?

Wieland Arlt covers these and more misconceptions of Trading and Investing and shows solutions to become active and successful in trading and investing. Starting from scratch to become a professional trader – it’s possible and here you will find the first ideas for your first steps.

The author.


»Wieland Arlt is one of the most successful traders in Germany, a sought-after speaker and author of specialist articles and books…« – Börse Online

Wieland Arlt, CFTe®, is a professional trader, bestselling author, and trading coach. He is the author of the bestselling books “Risk and Money Management for Day and Swing Trading”, which has been published in seven languages, and “55 Reasons to Become a Trader” (German) as well as of numerous articles in leading financial magazines.

He has been a sought-after speaker and expert at international trading and investment conferences for years.

As a trader, coach, and trainer, it’s important to him to teach trading approaches that are easy to understand and, therefore, also easy to implement.

His declared goal in trader coaching and training is to support traders in achieving their financial goals in a self-determined way and to trade successfully on the financial markets in the long term.

Wieland Arlt holds a degree in economics, is President of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), and is a board member of the Association of Technical Analysts in Germany (VTAD).

I wrote this book because there are a lot of misconceptions and mistakes when it comes to trading and investing.

First, most of the time people will tell you that you need to go to a specialist, like a banker or a fund manager, to take care of your wealth.

But - are they really that good?

Second, it is said that you need to be an economist and expert to make the right trading and investment decisions.

But - is this really true?

Third, people will tell you that trading and investing is dangerous because you could lose all your money. This is possible if you don’t take care of your trading risk.

But - why not apply strict protection rules to your money?

Fourth, it is said that a profitable strategy is complicated and, as a beginner, you wouldn’t understand this.

But, is it really that way?

I say - NO! It’s not.

You don’t need to be an expert or economist in order to make a living as a trader and investor. All you need is to follow some basic conceptions and rules.

In my book, I explain to you, how you can analyze markets, apply proper risk management and identify profitable setups in the chart.

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